Over 690,000 children enter the  foster care system each year.  They are moved from house to house with their most valued belongings in trash bags. This sends a subliminal message that  their belongings are trash or worthless; and so are they. 

   Golden Hearts recognized this enormous problem  and the trauma  that it causes and made a decision to do something about it. Golden Hearts then organized a luggage drive; to donate luggage to foster children. We successfully distributed over 400 suitcase via 4 local agencies . 

   Since then; our mission has expanded to produce our own line of luggage to bring more awareness to this overlooked issue.

   For every  piece of luggage that is purchased we will donate a second luggage to a foster child in the United States. AND part of all proceeds goes towards programs and housing geared towards empowering, educating, and healing foster children.      Get involved today by purchasing luggage  or travel accessories for yourself or a loved one. All proceeds benefit children  in our  foster care system. or make a Donation.