Golden Hearts is an organization that is geared to assist children and young adults who are in foster-care. We provide 1-on-1 mentoring to foster care youth from those who have successfully survived the foster care system. We believe; that the youth having someone with whom they can relate; makes them more open to advise and guidance from their mentor.  We have also seen that  it gives them hope to see someone that was formerly in the foster care system thrive despite their previous circumstances. Our mentors' experiences, life stories; and outcomes are what differentiates our mentoring program from other mentoring programs.

 Check out our luggage and travel accessories. For every piece of luggage we sell; we will donate another one towards a child in the foster care system AND a portion of all proceeds goes towards programs and transitional housing for foster youth aging out of the system. This allows them a stable environment and access to resources that sets them up for a lifetime of success!


  • To mentor foster children;

  • To educate foster children on daily living skills, such as: social skills, organization skills, financial self-sufficient skills, and managing and budgeting money​, personal well-being, and self-love;

  • To introduce foster children to people, activities, places, and things they have never been exposed to;

  • Provide foster children with resources needed to feel accepted, valued and capable of leading productive adult lives.

Children Embracing in Circle